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Our box palletizing robots are a predictable solution to labor shortage problems

Is the lack of labor causing disruptions for you too?

The problem rears its head in more and more industries

It’s hard to find a good colleague

Absences, illnesses, and resignations are regular occurrences among the existing staff in many companies.

It is impossible to plan ahead

It is common that, for lack of a better name, the owner also has to join the machine line, who does not progress with his own work because of this.

Unpredictable operation

It is difficult to take on more serious work on uncertain foundations, which hinders the company’s growth.

There is little chance that the labor market will change recently

If you want to stabilize production,

Let us recommend a promising employee to your attention

Our box palletizing robot is looking forward to
to help you with production in several shifts per day.

Professional experience:

  • experienced in packing bags and boxes;
  • this is how you imagine yourself in 3 years;
  • he will not be offended if he is not appointed to a senior position.

Its positive properties

  • he learns quickly, nothing needs to be explained to him twice;
  • can be charged, does not smoke, does not go on vacation;
  • it doesn’t take long and can be used even on weekends.

Your pay request: the same as any trained worker would ask you.
You can buy the palletizing robot in monthly installments,
with 60-month financing;
480,000 HUF / month in construction;

It’s like leasing a company car
We take all the burden off your shoulders,
as is usual with a long-term lease of a company car:

If required, you can also count on us after installation:

  • We go out at least once a month.
  • Participates in service and maintenance.
  • We help with employee training.
  • If appropriate, we program the robot for a new product.
  • You have to press the start and stop button and the production will work.

We will visit you at a pre-arranged time and assess the location.


After the on-site survey, we prepare an installation drawing and an offer.

Preliminary testing

You can send us a pallet to our showroom, where we will program the robot, you, for the product
and we invite you to the test.


After the test, the drawing or the offer can be modified as necessary, then the contract follows


We install and set up the robot, and we also help with regular maintenance if needed.

We’re not asking you to commit anonymously

In the first instance, we only measure
how much progress the use of robot labor can represent

If you assess your options now

  • creates a chance for production to stabilize;
  • you can find a solution to the problem of labor shortage;
  • the right to decide will be 100% in your hands.

If everything stays the same,

  • absences may still cause disruptions;
  • it is difficult to plan ahead with new projects and with it growth;
  • and can easily be at a disadvantage compared to competitors.

Why can you trust us and the quality of our robots?
Hello, I’m Tibor Urban, the founder of UrbanPack Design Kft.

For several years, our team has been dealing with the production of unique target machines, the distribution of packaging machines and robotic labor.
We help our customers to ensure that production and manufacturing processes operate in a predictable, cost-effective and sustainable manner. Choosing and implementing the right technology is not an easy task.
Therefore, we provide expert support in the selection, installation and daily use of the most ideal technology.

Why our customers choose us:

  • Experienced professionals.
  • Continuous follow-up after installation.
  • Quick response in case of failure.
  • Delivery of parts within 24-48 hours.
  • Service and maintenance.

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